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Folk Dance Federation Of California Folkdance organization for Northern CA, offering places to dance and bands for hire.
National Folk Organization A national networking organization for dancers, festivals, teachers, events, ensembles and ethnic groups.
Podruzhki Northern CA women's Balkan choir.
Davis International Folkdancers A recreational folkdance club in Davis, CA.
Nevada County International Dance Monthly group that meets to dance traditional dances from Europe and the Middle East to live music performed by VFO.
Folk Dance Sacramento Information about folk dancing in the greater Sacramento California area. Members of local folk dance clubs post current news and events.
International Folk Dance

A clearing house for links to find more information about international folk dance. It contains a video commercial you can send to friends to inspire them to learn and join in the dance.

East European Folklife Center The East European Folklife Center is a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to educate the general public about the folk music, folk dance, and folklore in the Balkans through promoting and sponsoring activities which honor and celebrate the richness of these cultures; and to foster understanding and respect of all peoples through shared experiences of Balkan cultures.